Featured Music


one, four, five (2022), for electric guitar with pedals, percussion, and live electronics. Premiered by Miller | Phelps.

the state of things (2019), for baritone, bass clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. Premiered by loadbang.

To Make a Prairie (2018), for 4 vocalists (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) and piano

lightness of being (2018), for piano trio. Premiered by Neave Trio.

Wood Fire (2016), string quartet. Premiered by Friction Quartet.

Come Out (2016), saxophone quartet. Premiered by the CSULB Saxophone Quartet.

Passages (2016), piano four hands. Premiered by HOCKET.

Black Sand Under Shifting Waves (2015), bass clarinet, trombone, piano, cello. Premiered by gnarwhallaby.

Sol (2015), baritone and piano. Premiered by Gregg Haueter (baritone) and Cristina Lord (piano).


buffering (2021), for choir and electronics. Premiered by c3LA.

Pledge Drive (2017), a Flash Opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, piano, cello, bass, and percussion. Premiered by Experiments in Opera.

Newsfeed (2016), for mezzo-soprano, baritone, clarinet, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, drumset, percussion, and electronics.


How To (2020), for percussion and laptop quartet. Premiered by Jordan Curcuruto (percussion) and the Los Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble.

Poison Tree (2019), laptop trio with Max/MSP. Premiered by the Los Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble.

Contact (2018), laptop quartet with Max/MSP and 3 radios. Premiered by the Los Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble.

Blue Light (2017), soprano, digital piano, electronic playback. Premiered by Aron Kallay (digital piano) and Stacey Fraser (soprano) at the Hear Now Music Festival.

Du bist die Ruh (2016), laptop quartet with Max/MSP. Premiered by the CSULB Laptop Ensemble.

Song of Earth (2015), piano and pre-recorded tape. Premiered by the Cal State LA New Music Ensemble.


HAZY (2022)

Maru (2022)

etudes for sine waves (2020)

songs for los angeles (2020)

Cosmic House-Warming Party (2015)


Metamorphosis (2021), an interactive web-game, co-composed with Molly Pease and programmed by Daniel Romero.

Relay (2021), a short dance film by WHYTEBERG.

Twelve (2019), a dance film from Dance Aegis.

How Do You Want to Die (2017), short film with animation by Basil Rudo.

Dawn (2016), short film with animation by Jean Ngo.

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