Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is an EP released in February 2018, featuring a set of electronic miniatures.

In January 2018, I participated in a project called “Song a Day for a Month,” created by composer Alex Wand. The concept is simple: write something every day for an entire month in order to practice writing consistently.

Spaceship Earth is a collection of some of my favorites from the month. Given that each song or piece was written in a day, they’re all pretty short (hence: miniatures).

Some of them are songs, some are soundscapes, some are kinda weird.

Check it out on Bandcamp here.



1. All One or None! —– Text by Emmanuel Bronner. It’s one of the quotes all over the Dr. Bronner’s product line (organic soaps, shampoos, balms, etc.)

2. Dumb —– Inspired by the voices in my head.

3. 10:50 Monday Night —– When you binge-watch your latest favorite show as an act of procrastination, and self-hatred ensues.

4. Late Night Drives —– Dedicated to a dear friend of mine, who passed way too soon.

5. Ah —– An experiment with using my voice as the only instrument.

6. Pretend I Don’t —- Being endlessly afraid of global warming and climate change.

7. Walking —– For when you just can’t feel the beat.

8. [kill.this] —-  #VideoGames?

9. Panic —- Dealing with panic attacks, learning to breathe.

10. Black  —– Thinking about the universe and feeling beautiful, small, and alone.

11. and reverie —- Text by Emily Dickinson, “To Make a Prairie.” Thinking about open pastures and little bees and the slow passage of time.



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